Almost everyone starts with Milk Kefir Grains, by far and away the most popular culture I sell. They are meant for real milk, but coconut milk works well also. There is no such thing as almond "milk", rice "milk", soy "milk" because we can't find the udder. Kefir grains will ferment such mediums but they will lose their growth factor and we do not recommend non-milks.

Most of the Kefir grains are shipped on Monday by priority mail. I also ship every day of the week this time of year. When you are ready to order, use the contact form and send me your name and address. I will confirm your order by email telling you when I'll be shipping your order and how you can pay.

My name is Marilyn Jarzembski AKA Marilyn Kefirlady and I have been drinking kefir made from real kefir grains since 1974. When I was just 20 years old I worked at Zerbo's Health Food Store in Livonia, Michigan. One day one of our customers, a Russian lady, handed me a jar of kefir grains. She said put them into milk and strain them out the next day. I did and they grew. I never saw her again and that was the only information I had about real kefir grains for 26 years.
We moved to Waldron, Michigan, got some goats, chickens and Shelties to help herd the goats, had two babies and made kefir every day for at least another 10 years. We sold all the goats, went on vacations, and lived more like normal people for a while. Then we moved to Fayette, Ohio in 1994. Got more kefir grains in 2000. Bought a cow, sold the cow a little later, and got five little goats in 2005, one purebred Nigerian Dwarf doe, two mini-Lamanchas, one mini-Nubian and one purebred Nigerian dwarf Buck. Today are down to 45 goats in 4 different breeds, mostly the mini variety.I only really need 15 to 20 milkers so there are still some for sale, but who do I part with?I love them all. When you are ready to be more self-sufficient check to see if we have any goats for sale.

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Water Kefir Grains.

Most people want to use water grains for making coconut water kefir. You certainly can but you need to know that they will not last forever in coconut water. They will eventually turn to mush, they will go through the strainer and you will lose them. What to do?

Feed your water grains what they thrive and grow on: Sugar and water. Then, when you have extras, establish a second jar for your coconut water or any other medium you choose to use, even milk. It does not matter how long they last because your first jar will ever be making more water grains and you will have plenty for all your experiments. It is all good to drink. Water grains come with full instructions including what I just said.

I have beautiful Kombucha SCOBYs, hearts and stars, with instructions on making this most popular health beverage in the world. I have a good supply and send by priority mail nearly every day of the week.

I also offer dried kombucha cultures to Canada and overseas. It will take two to four weeks to reactivate then another 10 days or so to get your first batch of drinkable kombucha tea.

All cultures are guaranteed to work and grow. Fresh cultures come with 1 cup of starter. Dried cultures come with special instructions on the label since I cannot send starter with it.