Nigerian Dwarf

Sire is Casey, Purebred Nigerian Dwarf buck dam is Natasha a Nigerian/Pygmy cross.Stiletto had two kids on 2-18-15. She is approaching a quart per day being milked just once per day as of 3-9-15. $200. Stiletto is sold.

This is Penny with 95 ounces of milk in her udder. The following day I did not get a picture of what 101 ounces looks like. Big. She milks out quickly. She may be for sale in the near future. Update: Penny is Sold.

Pretty Girl

First Generation Mini LaMancha

Pretty girl is out of Pepper a purebred LaMancha and Tonto a purebred Nigerian Dwarf buck. Pepper is Spot's littermate sister from the Dickey Brothers line. Pretty Girl was born February 2, 2015 and is bred for April 2016. $150

2014 Kids


This is Bluebell's blue-eyed buckling born April 2017. You usually get at least one blue eyed kid if one of the parents has blue eyes. We named him Ringleader. Don't ask me why. $100


Mini LaMancha

She-Wolf is a first generation mini-Lamancha. She is easy to milk with two fingers and a thumb. She is due in April. $150. 

She-Wolf is SOLD. Thank you, Laura.


Standard size Purebred LaMancha Buck

I bred my best LaMancha, Penny, to Dickie Brothers Tor. She had this beautiful buck, April 2014 and is 5 months old in this picture.  Spot is sold. I leave him on the web-site for reference and may have kids for sale out of him in the future.



Hope is a six year old mini-Nubian/mini/Saanan cross with excellent stanchion manners. She is due in November 2015. You can have milk all winter. $150 Hope is sold. Thank you Jessie.