Salad Sprouts growing on window shelves made by These shelves make one window worth five windows.
When you decide to order your window shelves, tell Jim, Marilyn Kefirlady sent you.

Goodies for the Goaties

This is wheat grass greening in a dedicated window just for the goats. Fresh greens in the middle of winter has been a wonderful treat for my milkers. Oh, I see a couple trays of pea shoots on the sill. Those are for me, not the goats.

Grow Salad Sprouts in your window sill all winter. The greens you will be growing are 10 to 30 times more nutritious than the mature vegetable and certainly better than anything you can buy in a grocery store. It is easy. It is inexpensive. It is fun. Edible plants growing in your window will keep a smile on your face no matter how cold it gets outside. For greening the shoots, any window will due, north, south, east, or west. Sprouts grown in soil are superior in texture and flavor than sprouts grown in jars.
When you get your Soil Sprout Kit you will have a fresh salad to eat within 10 days. Comes with great instructions. Guaranteed success! Email me privately if you are interested in gardening indoors all year and especially in the winter. Read the post I wrote that won an apple award at

Scroll down at the permies link above to see what others have written and how they feed their rabbits wiithout using commercial pellet. Some are sprouting wheat grass. Brilliant!

Update: I have switched methods and do not use soil any more although soil would be best for certain seeds. I am using a wicking method which needs no kit. But I am starting to write a book about this great method. Set it up, walk away because it does not need to be watered daily. There is a water reservoir.

Energy Mug

My experiments are complete and the time has come when I can finally tell you about the Energy Mug. The Energy Mug is the newest addition to my health protocol and is taking me and the goats to the next level of health. There is nothing like  drinking quality water. Best of all, the water grains like it, too. For the first time, they are growing really well for me. Over the years I have tried many things to improve my well water to get them to grow. This water is the best yet.

The way it works is it changes the direction of the spin of the electrons in the water. They go from right spin to left spin. The spin direction is measured in bovis units. And believe me, you can taste the difference. My well water completely loses its hard water flavor after being in the energy mug for 1/2 hour. This tells me that the water is soft now, and won't stick to the pipes. This happens without removing any of the minerals. The company says that the water starts spinning left within two minutes. I notice that there is no difference in flavor that soon, so I wait until the water tastes delicious. I bought two energy mugs, a few energy "eggs" and the pitcher so there is always plenty of high bovis water to drink for me and the goats.

When you are ready to learn more about left-spin, high bovis water, and order your energy mug and other cool high bovis producing products head on over to:

Organic Sulfur
What is better than kefir grains for your health? Oh, you already guessed because you saw the title. Yes, organic sulfur. This is none other than the MSM you are already familiar with except with a different twist. All MSM is organic by virtue that it has carbon but they call this particular MSM "organic sulfur" to distinguish it from all the other brands that have anti-caking or other additives in it. That would be most of the available MSM on the market and anything in a tablet or capsule. MSM should not even be made in a facility that encapsulates supplements because the silicon dioxide lands on the MSM and renders it inferior. Learn more about this better quality MSM and where to order some by emailing me privately.

Moringa Trees

I am growing the most nutritious tree on earth in NW Ohio. If you are local come pick one up. They are only $5 each in their small pot. Price will go up as they get repotting into bigger and bigger pots. They are tropicalso you will have to overwinter it in a sunny window. Then in the spring plant it in the ground and watch it shoot up 15 feet before the summer is over. You might want to keep it in its pot or root some of the branches after you harvest the leaves because it will die if the roots freeze. Moringas are grown as annuals up north here. I am growing it for goat fodder and people super food. All parts of the tree are edible except the roots. Type in Moringa at and get your education on this most nutritious tree in the world.