Here is something to seriously consider.

Can you prove we live on a globe that is 25,000 miles around and spins at 1000 miles per hour? What is your experience? Have you ever felt any movement? Have you ever seen the curvature of the earth, even when you were very high in an airplane? Hasn't the horizon always been perfectly straight?
When I heard that a particular person I deemed intelligent believed in a flat earth I just had to check it out. Today is July 27, 2016 and I started reading and watching youtube documentaries two weeks ago. Oh, my. Last week I believed we lived on a spinning ball hurling through space and this week I am a flat earther!

Well, if you are the least bit interested I can save you lots of time. There are tons of videos on youtube but beware, when you think by the title they are going to give you more proofs of a flat earth, some turn out to be mockery and will waste your time. I started with this link and you should too to get a basic background. All 200 proofs appeal to just plain common sense. I like that.

After you go through all 200 proofs you will still have questions. Or you should. I had a question about airlines and flights and why they don't just go "under the earth" over Antarctica to get from South Africa to say Chili or Australia. Turns out they can't. It is forbidden. Antarctica is a "no fly zone." Besides, it is impossible and they know it. But why is that?

Here is a video called Flat earth/The Edge/Part 1
It gives 10 points from both sides and explains why all the mean opposition to the flat earth model. It describes the scientific method

Surveyors, Engineers, Pilot and Sailors Expose the Flat Earth

Under the Dome - Full Documentary - two hours
12 clues for a flat earth and why the shape is being hidden

Earth is Flat, you have been fooled! 55 minutes

Even National News proves the earth is flat by this story.
A plane is flying from Bali to LAX and a woman has a baby on the plane. The plane makes emergency landing in Anchorage. Anchorage, Alaska? Look on any globe and that would be way out of their way. But on a flat earth map it makes perfect sense because it is a straight shot from Bali to Anchorage to Los Angeles.

If you happen to read the comments below each video notice how mean the ball earth believers are. All the name calling exposes their fear. What are they afraid of? Truth does not fear investigation. Most people are so resistant to the idea that they have been lied to all their lives they they will not give this topic the time of day. Neither will they act civilized when presented with any evidence. No need to get caught up in their control drama. Do your own homework.

Enjoy your earthly home. It is a beautiful place to live. Take care of her.

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