Eddie runs a transmission shop in addition to helping taking care of the goats and keeping the farm in good repair. Marilyn milks the goats 365 days a year, rain or shine snow or wind, takes care of all three cultures and fills all the orders. We go square dancing at least once per week.

Welcome to the world of fermentation.We are here to make sure you are successful with your first experience in making your own kefir with real kefir grains.For those wanting to avoid dairy, we have water kefir grains and kombucha, which is in a class all by itself.

Healthy kefir grains start with good milk. We milk up to 35 goats in summer and try to get at least 10 to milk through the winter, which is no small task since goat milk is seasonal.  A lot of our entertainment comes from watching the goats do silly things.This is Larry.

Our Goats



Thank you for visiting my humble web-site. You have found a source for possibly the best probiotic beverages in the world. Kefir is something you can make at home for the cost of milk. You need no fancy equipment. All you need is a glass jar, a source of good milk, and some real kefir grains. 

Sale on Kombucha Cultures!

For the month of September or until I run out...

Get free shipping on your order of two or more cultures as long as one of them is a kombucha culture! The only way this will work now is if you buy the regular size package of fresh milk kefir grains and a kombucha culture. I have discontinued selling fresh water grains. They come dried only now. That is a savings of $6. Here is the story behind this sale.

Someone from another web-site could not keep up with his kombucha culture sales and had me make some for him  way back in December.. You may know that it takes two weeks to make a culture. Well he needed 30 cultures ASAP. Since they don't always turn out, and I had my own customers to take care of, I got every gallon glass jar, every heart bowl, every star bowl I own in service so I'd be able to start filling his needs in two weeks plus take care of my own customers. The effort was successful and I was on a roll, and still am. Suddenly, he doesn't need any from me for now and I am overloaded with kombucha scobys! To take advantage of myabundance use the contact form and write "pay it forward"* in the subject line. Send me your name and address as usual and tell me exactly what you want.

I get many tips every week and giving you free shipping is my way of paying it forward.